CREATE is an integral part of the spectrum of economic development in our community. The creative economy that directly connects to quality of life is being nurtured through the IDEA Center and other work of CREATE.
— Todd Kuckkahn + Portage County Business Council
A major part of the mission of WPR is to be engaged in the communities we serve, especially with future-oriented organizations that enhance quality of life. Recently, a new vibe has been creating a great buzz in the greater Stevens Point community. That vibe is CREATE Portage County. Over the past many months Greg and his team have been strategically building relationships between business/industry, education and the creative economy and are in the position to begin transforming the area to be the hub for innovation, multi-industry collaboration and creativity. WPR is proud to be part of this exciting transformation
— Rick Reyer + Wisconsin Public Radio
CREATE Portage County’s work with the Stevens Point Area Convention & Visitors Bureau was the catalyst for successful grants and marketing campaigns featuring Portage County’s arts & culture offerings. This helped extend the reach for the promotion and demonstrated that even small cities in Wisconsin can present an enticing array of arts and cultural offerings. CREATE is an integral connection to the arts & culture in the region. Their work has bridged a divide between the arts & culture and the business sector - shining a light on creativity that drives our economy and sustains jobs.
— Sara Brish + Stevens Point Area CVB
CREATE fills a much needed role in our community that isn’t always well known, but would be sorely missed, should it ever disappear. Having a group that focuses on all things creative is a tremendous asset to Stevens Point and Central Wisconsin.
— Mayor Mike Wiza + City of Stevens Point
Greg is CREATE’s Connector-in-Chief. Whatever he is connecting—ideas, resources, people—he continually impresses with his ability to guide needed discussions, ferret out untapped opportunities, and steer community members to see how their goals are linked. Innovation happens at the intersections, and Greg has led the way in helping us discover where the lines meet.
— Maggie Marquardt + UWSP College of Fine Arts and Communication
CREATE Portage County is helping to establish the infrastructure for young professionals to thrive in Central Wisconsin. YPs in Stevens Point can participate in a variety of experiences including the Phantom Gallery parties, small business support and incubator programs, and more.
— Jenny Hoerter & Kayla Rombalski + Ignite Leadership Network
The Phantom Gallery site provided me with a fine venue to show my work. The Create staff was wonderful to work with and made the entire process a joy. Thank you, Greg and Julia, for your tireless and professional attention to the needs of the artists and everyone who attended the event.
— Robert Rosen + Photographer
CREATE Portage County is a valuable asset to the Stevens Point community! Greg’s expertise and the CREATE resource provide a path for entrepreneurial UWSP students to stay in our area and succeed with their new business ideas!
— Jenny Resch + UWSP Economic Development
The contributions CREATE is making in the areas of innovation and economic development are creating excellent opportunities in Central Wisconsin for Mid-State students and graduates.
— Volker Gaul + Mid State Technical College
CREATE has been an outstanding business partner during our transition to Stevens Point. The atmosphere and space they have created at the IDEA Center was key to launching our new team to great success. As we continue to develop software solutions for companies that are transforming health, this truly was a win-win scenario for CREATE and Red Arrow Labs.
— Will Emory + Red Arrow Labs
CREATE Portage County is all about making the most of the region’s creative people, organizations, businesses and communities, and with helping every resident benefit from involvement in the arts. Their 21st century focus on creativity, community, imagination, and entrepreneurship is a model as our state and the world change rapidly around us. They know that the arts and creativity matter to Portage County and they are a vital partner in Arts Wisconsin’s locally-based, statewide effort to grow Wisconsin creatively.
— Anne Katz + Arts Wisconsin
CREATE and the IDEA center provide an exciting platform for creativity and entrepreneurship that helps make Portage County a vibrant and engaging community to live and work in. Their efforts help to enhance CWITA’s ongoing initiative to attract and retain an exceptional information technology workforce in central Wisconsin.
— Nicole Rice + Central Wisconsin IT Alliance
CREATE played a vital role in helping our students develop innovative ideas and forge valuable partnerships that allowed them to impact our community in a positive way. I am thrilled that PoDS is growing alongside CREATE, and look forward to many more transformative collaborations!
— Dan Lathrop + Point of Discovery School
I’m honored to have been part of the Phantom Gallery Party by CREATE Portage County, who did an excellent job organizing and building this event from the ground up. The artists were given freedom to decide how the artwork would be exhibited and to bring our personal ideas to the event. I appreciate the opportunity I had to be part of this fresh and exciting way to share local artwork!
— Hector Acuna + Painter & Hipstimatic Award Recipient
As one of the agency’s present when the brand new Arts Alliance of Portage County was formed in 2000, the Wisconsin Arts Board has supported and admired CREATE as a force for positive change in Portage County for years. By bringing together and connecting good people with good ideas to other good people with good resources, CREATE is making a difference.
— Karen Goeschko + Wisconsin Arts Board
Arts, culture, and diversity improve quality of life, promote community attachment, and lead to creative sources of sustainable economic growth; Greg Wright and CREATE PC taught me these things.
— Jerome Segura + Central WI Economic Research Bureau
[CREATE’s] Phantom Gallery provided the venue and opportunity to let people realize all the artistic possibilities that can be obtained with my ironwork…For me, the juxtaposition of the weathered metal culverts, aged concrete, and functional architectural components against the forged iron created a vibrant, fun, and surprisingly elegant, venue. There was a big city production feel to it.
— Boleslaw Kochanowski + Blacksmith
One of the most important concepts that Greg Wright and CREATE Portage County have brought to our communities is the understanding that creating unique art and cultural advocacy projects enhances our community’s vibrancy, creates public interest in our community, and positively impacts the economic vitality of our community. So, how do we do that? How about by creating a unique project in the Village of Plover called Sculpture Quest, which will require people to use electronic geographical coordination clues to find “hidden” sculptures in Little Plover River Park. Greg is currently working with the Village of Plover to make this project a reality in 2017. Sounds like a CREATE-ive place to live, work and play, doesn’t it? How cool is that!
— Dan Mahoney + Village of Plover
Greg is a visionary and the level of high quality creativity he has brought to CREATE and Portage County are just what we need to keep Stevens Point on the leading edge of creative innovation.
— Laura Gehrman Rottier + UWSP University Advancement


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