Are you ready to Meet Your Maker? CREATE Portage County is partnering with local makers to bring you opportunities for hands-on maker experiences! Meet Your Maker is a monthly meet-up designed to allow community members to try their hand at an array of maker projects with guidance from Portage County's master makers. These experiences will range from mixology to wreath making, wood carving to building robots.

Our first Meet Your Maker experience will be led by Zach Strenger, mixologist extraordinaire and brand ambassador for Great Northern Distilling. Zach uses many locally-sourced ingredients to craft unique cocktails, building complex flavor profiles that surprise and please. This Meet Your Maker experience will put you in Zach's shoes as he leads you through the evolution of the craft cocktail movement, explains bar tools and how to use them, and shares drink making techniques to help you create craft cocktails at home!

Attendees will make four classic Great Northern cocktails while learning different components of cocktail creation and techniques. You will also be provided a packet to take home full of additional cocktail information, recipes, and other resources.

Zach will share his expertise at Great Northern Distilling on Monday, January 29th from 6-8 PM. Space is limited so reserve your spot today! Attendees must be 21 or older for this experience.

If you are a local maker who would like to lead a maker experience, please contact Angela