Main Street Parks takes parking spots and turns them into public parks for recreation, relaxation, and re-imagination. 

This Sept. 15th, 2017 event will feature a mini-event within it. This new mini-event, called XPX, will be the largest/only Xtreme Pedestrian Xing competition in the world! Competitors of all ages and stages will dance, sing, do silly walking, roll, stylize, act serious, do tricks, and more all while crossing the street at the downtown Creative Crosswalk. Celebrity judges will pick the winner(s) for a super spectacular prize!

Many times crossing the street in Stevens Point feels extreme. So, let's amplify that concern and have fun doing it!

XPX will run from 5pm - 5:30pm

XPX Competition Guidelines:

1) Having fun is the first priority!

2) The competitors' style/format of crossing is up to them. It could be silly, fun, serious, artistic, unique, loud/silent, etc.

3) There's a small amount of time for each competitor to perform while crossing the street (using the Creative Crosswalk) just as a normal everyday street crossing (10 seconds).

4) Please watch for cars/bikes as you normally would.

5) Each crossing will get a vote by a 3 judge panel and there will be 3 rounds.

6) All ages & stages are welcome to compete and age groups will be broken down by: 
4-8 years old
9-15 years old
16-21 years old
22-39 years old
40-65 years old
66+ years old.

7) Props and costumes are welcomed.

8) To pre-register, please message us your name, email, and age group. Otherwise, you can register onsite outside The Wooden Chair or The Coffee Studio (downtown).

9) The competitor with the most points wins the super spectacular prize!