Part of the Stevens Point Sculpture Park's Summer Celebration, we are hosting an iron pour in partnership with the Waupaca Foundry and featuring iron casters from across the US. Come watch art in action as iron is melted and poured to create new sculptures right in front of your eyes.

The pour will feature new artwork by Yousif Del Valle, Matthew Groshek, Stacey Holloway, Ben Jennings, JinMan Jo, Keith Kaziak, Boleslaw Kochanowski, Aaron Leif Nicholson, Wayne Potratz, and Dominic Sansone. 

Each of these sculptures will then be hidden in nature areas across the county as part of CREATE's new geocache art adventure: Sculpture Quest. Accessible only by their coordinates, these sculptures will challenge trekkers to explore our beautiful landscape in search of solitary encounters with beautiful works of art. 

Merging our strong arts scene with our environmental affect, this project is a CREATE placemaking investment designed to feature our unique cultural identity through public art.