Identity and Inclusivity Discussions (i2i) explore topics of identity and diversity to find, to build, and to grow in community through shared learning experiences. i2i promotes positive dialogue in hopes of making Portage County a safer and more inclusive community where all people can live out their best identities.

TOPIC: Goals and Ground Rules; Seeing Oppression Part 1

Discussion 2 will start with a consensus building activity to establish norms, ground rules, and goals for the group in hopes of successfully navigating future topics. This conversation will touch on difficult conversations, pinch moments, being uncomfortable, active listening, and expected behavior and goals for i2i participants, all generated by group members. 

Based on the time left, i2i participants will shift to the topic: Seeing Oppression Part 1. We will begin with some foundational history and move into basic strategies for improving our capacity to witness oppression in hopes that participants will bring new observations to the June discussion: Seeing Oppression Part 2.