CREATE Portage County, in partnership with Jim Oliva and WWSP 90FM, holds its annual fundraising event, Trivia Unplugged, each September at the Noel Hangar in Stevens Point.

Trivia Unplugged is an old-school trivia contest created by Jim Oliva and John Eckendorf. Players are not allowed to use internet, phones, books or notes to answer questions. The Mid-State Sisters of Skate roller derby team collects trivia answers; a cash bar and buffet food service by Rockman's Catering is available for purchase for players and spectators.

Teams are allowed to have 10 members in the competition area and unlimited reserve players in the spectator area at the event. The total number of teams allowed to register is limited.

Team Information & Rules

Upon arrival, teams need to check-in and pick up their registration packet. Teams that have not registered in advance may do so at this time if there are openings available. Registration and check-in must be completed by 2:30 p.m. Registration fees are $160 in advance and $180 the day of the event.  Teams may have up to ten members in the competition arena and unlimited reserve players in the spectator area.  The total number of teams allowed to register is limited, therefore early registration is encouraged.

The contest starts promptly at 3:00 p.m. with a maximum of ten team members allowed at each table in the competition arena. Alternate team members may be substituted at any time between questions.  A team member leaving the competition room must hand off his or her badge to a substitute team member.  No one may enter the competition area without a badge. Questions will be projected on a screen.  Teams discuss answers among themselves without divulging information to other teams.  The music played will help obscure voices.

Each question will last the length of one song.  When one song is over answer sheets will be collected, the answer announced, and the next question will be asked.  There will be a break at the end of each hour.  During the break, the team ranking will be announced.  At the end of the contest there will be a final rundown of the teams.  Trophies will be awarded at that time.

Reminder:  NO electronic devices (including cell phones) are permitted in the competition area.  It is recommended that phones and other electronic devices are left in vehicles or with a spectator.  Players may leave the competition area at any time to check messages, but may not re-enter until the current question has ended. No paper, pens, or pencils, other than what is provided by CREATE, is allowed.