Talks & Trainings

CREATE provides engaging and interactive talks and trainings on a wide variety of topics connected to creative placemaking and entrepreneurial ecosystem building. From our people-centered approach to economic development to designing experiences that build social capital for new or marginalized community members, CREATE challenges what’s possible in our communities and sends its audiences home with action steps that accelerate positive change.

CREATE has participated in conferences across the country including the ArtsLab,
Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit, Empty Storefronts, the Levitt AMP Convening, Toward One Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, & Letters.


Project Management

The best way to learn is to do. If you would like your community to experience the value of creative placemaking, hire CREATE to walk you through a project. Our engaging process envisions and executes creative placemaking investments while fostering dialogue about community identity and modeling cultures of connection and collaboration at the heart of our model. Activate underused spaces, host a pop-up experience, install arts-& public art—all refined by the unique narrative of your special place.

CREATE is also available to help with other project management and strategic planning efforts that support creative placemaking and entrepreneurial ecosystem building.

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Capacity Building

Our people-centered model for community and economic development is gaining national attention. We’ve learned a lot, shifting an arts organization to do the work of community and economic development, and we are ready to share what we’ve learned with other communities.

We are happy to help other communities do this work; we are even happier to help those communities build the capacity to do this work themselves. Hire CREATE to rethink an existing organization or to grow a new organization entirely. Or bring us on board to train or grow new positions with in your municipalities or economic development organizations.

Help us in turn to grow a national network of creative project managers moving their communities forward!

Read more about the CREATE model here.