CREATE sees a path to continued prosperity by making creativity central to our community development, our economic growth, and our way of life. Through sound investments in the arts, culture, and innovation, we believe the Stevens Point Area will be the community for people seeking out contemporary living in a smaller city.

our goals

to promote creative placemaking

to support people who create

to grow creative arts & entertainment experiences

OUr Investments

We invest in public art & placemaking to connect community to identity.

We invest in infrastructure & programming to connect innovators to resources.

We invest in events & experiences to connect people to community.

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CREATE is an easy-to-replicate model that redefines small-city living through investments in the arts, culture, and innovation. We are eager to share our knowledge, to spread our impact, and to grow our network. If you are interested in professional development or trainings for economic development, community development, or arts organizations in your community, or if you would like to launch a CREATE chapter in your own community, fill out the adjacent form.

To learn more about our story, our staff, or our board of directors, click on the corresponding link.