Investing in Infrastructure & Programming to Connect Innovators to Resources

A healthy creative economy is key to 21st Century economic growth. Communities rich in arts & culture are attracting the strongest workforces, and those with the best infrastructure to support innovation see the greatest return on human capital investments. CREATE is committed to tearing down the silos that have separated arts and business in hopes of sparking creativity in and across both vital sectors. The following initiatives are central to this work:

The IDEA Center is a 21st Century community resource designed to connect and support Innovators, Designers, Entrepreneurs, & Artists. Creatives in all fields share a need to access community, technology, and education to move their work forward. By investing in facilities and resources that provide support across sectors, smaller communities especially can increase the impact of the infrastructure they provide. The IDEA Center offers a model for cross-sector creativity support that democratizes access to arts and innovation opportunities while building a community of creative minds.

To foster greater commerce for the local creative economy, CREATE has launched the Central Wisconsin Cultureshed. Learn about this great way to support local artists, view businesses that have committed to the cultureshed pledge, and access or join our directory of Central Wisconsin artists. Also, check out our blog, which, each month, features different creatives living in Central Wisconsin. Learn more about the rich community of artists & innovators in our region.


To encourage support for investments in the arts, culture, and creativity, CREATE is committed to providing sound data on the economic impact of creativity in Portage County. We are currently gathering 2015 data in hopes of releasing our next report soon.