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Artists and arts organizations are small businesses. As such, the best way to ensure that any local economy has a strong arts scene is to purchase goods and services produced by artists living within that community.  

CREATE is launching the Central Wisconsin Cultureshed in hopes of growing awareness of this simple yet effective way to support the arts. We all have art in our lives. By choosing to purchase art produced locally, we guarantee that the impact of that art extends beyond the walls of our homes and reaches out into the greater community.

Cultureshed Businesses

CREATE would like to recognize the following Central Wisconsin Cultureshed Businesses. These businesses support Central Wisconsin artists by purchasing locally produced art and featuring that art in their places of business. This simple commitment helps to ensure that Central Wisconsin maintains a healthy community of artists.

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Make the Pledge!

Cultureshed Businesses pledge that they have purchased for display at least three pieces of locally produced art and that at least a third of the total art displayed in their facilities was produced by Central Wisconsin artists.

If your company meets these requirements, please fill out the adjacent form. If you don't yet, please consider what you can do to adopt this pledge. 




The Directory of Central WI Artists and Arts Organizations (Coming Soon!) is designed to help people participate in the Central Wisconsin Cultureshed. This list is by no means exhaustive, nor is it an endorsement of the work produced. We strongly recommend taking the time to shop smart in order to track down the perfect art to meet your needs. However, we are also confident that Central Wisconsin has the talent to produce that art locally, and we offer this resource to increase access to the strong arts community that exists here.

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Add Your Name!

Want to add your name to our list of Central Wisconsin Artists? Please fill out the adjacent form.

The list, updated monthly and reviewed annually, is free for nonprofit arts organizations; however, we require a $10 contribution from for-profit artists and organizations to cover staff costs and to ensure that our list stays current. Interested artists can mail their payment to our PO Box address or click on the payment button below. Please note the purpose of your contribution either way.